History timestamps and improvements

Please add timestamps to the daily history values indicating when those maximum and minimum values occurred.

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Yes, I would like to request this feature too. I like the updated app v4.19 on iOS and the history for day, week, month, year, but it would be great if the time of day for maximums and minimums occurance on the daily metrics was listed. There appears to be room below the values to put the time of occurrence.

Count me for this request as well!

As stated in the title, when I am looking at history dates on the app, it would be very helpful to see what time the high temperature and/or low temperature occurred. It could simply be put in smaller text below the actual High/Low temperature. The same should also be done for the humidity numbers.

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Moved your post to the feature section to open voting for it.
If you have votes left use it wisely

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I would like to see the time of the Min/Max on the history page

Merged both request since they basically ask for the same thing, just general versus temp only

How come the time stamps have not been added to the daily history yet? There is certainly room under the values on the history screen to add the time of day.



im very happy with my new Tempest weater station. Finaly i have a place for all my weather concerns.

But i am wondering, if there is a way so see Historical data from the same day (30.11. in example):
Like the coldest/hottest day for that date and when it has been
The min / max air pressure for that date and when it has been
The most / least Lightnings for that date and when it has been
The calmes and windiest day for that date and when it has been
The Brigtest / darkest dayfor that date and when it has been

Of course i need to have record of some years,for it to work.
But will it work to show me these data and when they were collected?

Thank You


It would be really good to have the time stamp on the “Day” History page so that you can see exactly when it was coldest/hottest part of the day.
I would have thought this would be quite simple to add.

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I concur with the request for adding timestamps for the max/min temperature. Would also request it for peak wind gust. The time of the peak wind gust is helpful when reporting the information to the National Weather Service for local storm reports. Also, for using during weather segments on television stations.


I’ve been asking for that same feature for about two years now.

As Have I. That’s why I decided to get " wfpiconsole " because it puts the timestamps on for High and Low Temp. . .as well as Barometer. . .for Each and Every Day!

I would also like this enhancement added to the daily min/max values for all observations that it would be logical to do so.