Historical data app feature requests

I would like to see three useful feature requests in the app: -

  1. Opening the history tab, I would prefer to see the current date rather than the date the Tempest° was installed. Much easier than having to select today’s date from the date picker.
  2. I would like to see time stamps added to the max and min values. I know you can guesstimate these from the graphs but a definitive time stamp would be preferable.
  3. The inclusion of monthly and yearly records would be incredibly useful.

Of interest to @corrineb perhaps.

Best wishes to all.

Hmmm…That’s curious and not the expected behavior. What app are you seeing this behavior in?

Hi I’m using the standard Tempest app on iOS. This screenshot shows what happens when I tap the History tab. It always shows14 January 2021.

Thanks @myTempest for the extra info. We will take a look and see what is going on.

FWIW, I don’t see that behavior on an iPad Mini 2 on iOS 12.5.1 or on an original iPad Pro. It always defaults to the current day.

@myTempest Do you happen to be running an always on display? We took a look at the code and the expected behavior is that it will load the current day when the app is launched. As you are using the app, it will remember which day you were viewing. But if you quit the app and come back in it will default to the current day.

Thanks! Appreciate you taking a look.

No I don’t use always on. I can confirm the same behaviour on my iPad 6th Generation running the latest version of iOS 14.4.1.

Select a date in the History tab, exit the app, quit the app and it always reverts to 14th January 2021.

@myTempest We were able to track this down and have identified the cause. We are working on a fix.

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Fantastic Corrine, thank you!

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I would love to have the “feels like temperature maximum” under the history category