Show Current Date and Time

When using a PC to access the TempestWX website, every forecast and data display page should include the current date and time. This is useful information when looking at current or historical information.

The Android interface (at least for me) shows the time in the top line, but no date. I can’t address what the iphone shows.

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What you are seeing on Android is the system time that the OS puts on the top line. This has nothing to do with the Tempest App.

On the Web interface, why would I want the date/time listed twice when it is on the task bar? The data is from “right now” or within the last minute. If a parameter is “old”, this is indicated.

When you look at the history, the information is included, except for the time that a particular parameter was measured. It would be nice to have a time for those readings.

This is why I mentioned PC in the first paragraph. And I know the header line is from android, but I wanted to acknowledge its presence.

If it’s not good for you, don’t upvote it. The way I use the data, it would help.

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Sorry, I guess is still don’t understand why you want redundant info on the screen.

Maybe this is what you are wanting:

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If your use case is for a page in a public dashboard/display, note that there are hidden, poorly documented rate limits that will likely cause it to stop working over time: