Tempest App Updates: iOS 4.15 (478) / Android 4.4.51(141)

Updated iOS and Android apps are rolling out to the App and Google Play stores now!

  • iOS: 4.15 (478)
  • Android: 4.4.51(141)

These builds include a fix for a Daylight Savings time bug. Daylight Savings has already started in the US, but it will help our European friends who will switch to Daylight Savings later this month.

The Android build also includes a fix for a small group of users who were having trouble with the data not updating on their Station Dashboard / Card View.

If you spot any issues or bugs, please let us know!


Thanks for the update. It hadn’t resolved the History tab issue we discussed - ie not showing the current day on iOS as it should. Should it have?

No, this update will not fix that issue. The good news is that we can fix that on the backend and it won’t require an app update.


Thanks for the update. Is it a coincidence that the Tempest has stopped talking to the hub?


That is a coincidence. You’ll have to power cycle the Tempest and it should reconnect.

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Thank you very much for that information

Any idea when Apple Watch integration might be coming to the IOS version? Fingers crossed!

I will bet not before next year.

@corrineb Hi, I notice this hasn’t been done yet. Any timescale?

@corrineb It’s fixed, thank you!

Glad you were able to confirm the fix. We pushed an update late in the workday yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to swing back around yesterday to let you know.

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