Tempest App Updates: iOS 4.12 (475) / Android 4.4.2(131)

Updated iOS and Android apps are rolling out to the App and Google Play stores now!

  • iOS: 4.12 (475)
  • Android: 4.4.2(131)

These builds are primarily under the hood bug fix builds. There are also timezone updates for users who have a station in a different timezone than their current location.

If you spot any issues or bugs, please let us know!


Just curious @corrineb any plans to add the ability to create a guest user account to the Tempest app in the near future?

Bonjour, Ă  quand les Widgets surtout ? :blush:

Bonne journée

That feature is on our roadmap. No eta for release yet.

Using Google Translate for this so please pardon my French :slight_smile:

Les widgets iOS sont sur notre feuille de route. Il n’y a pas encore de date de sortie prévue, mais c’est une fonctionnalité qui me passionne énormément.

(iOS Widgets are on our roadmap. No timeline on release, but it is a feature I’m super excited about.)

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What about Android widgets?

Yes, Android widgets are also on the roadmap. No eta on release for those either.