Refresh App Data/Display

I have set up a tablet as a dedicated full-time display for my Tempest and run the Android App. The upper portion of the app that shows the temp and wind refreshes and stays up to date. However, the “Hourly” and “10 Day Forecast” areas don’t automatically update.

As an example, if I launch the app at 12:30 on Monday, the hourly area will start at 12 pm, and stay there without updating as time passes. At 5 pm, the hourly area is still showing 12 pm, 1 pm, etc. Similarly, the 10 Day Forecast area will show Today, Tuesday, etc… If I leave the app running, the 10 Day Forecast doesn’t change as the days pass, it continues to show previous days instead of updating to show upcoming days.

The web page updates all areas appropriately. Would like for the app to update the data as well.

FWIW, there is also the card view you can use which does update but doesn’t have the same forecast info. Just click the Tempest icon to swap between the two displays.

In reality, I think the issue you describe is a bug.

I think a fix is coming soon?

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