Forecast card daily/hourly refresh?

For those of us who use an always on display using iOS app or android app (non web), will you be adding a refresh to the forecast card in the future? Currently, the forecast card does not automatically update to the next day unless you force it to with several button tap actions. I wrote about this before but never got a response on long term action. And I know about all the WU issues, but as long as you continue to use WU forecast, it would be nice if a daily refresh was added so my kids don’t always say " it’s showing the wrong day again dad".


I’d like to know how to turn the forecast card off.

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Some just move it to the bottom. However, my kids like to take a quick look before heading out to school but have been way off when they didn’t realize it was still showing yesterday’s forecast.

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funny my wifes sez exactly that so I put it at the bottom out of sight unless you scroll down . its on an ipad mini permanently. but absolutely the option of hourly or daily at midnight refresh would be useful or disable it option.

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you did it again … cant believe it perhaps my repsonses have become to predictable…:grin: my wife case when goes to work every morning

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I use Foreca so I’d “prefer” not to see Wunderground.

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Here’s a few of the ways I found to refresh it manually in hopes it may help resolve the issue.
One method for refresh seems to be closing and restarting the app… not desirable for those using always on displays.
Tried another case to obtain WU refresh and found opening and closing ‘Setting’ will refresh the WU forecast (iOS test only).
Tried another case to obtain WU refresh and found opening and closing ‘Stations’ will refresh the WU forecast. (iOS test only). Also tried toggling “List View” which had no effect.
While a once a day refresh would solve the issue, perhaps tying the refresh rate to WU forecast updates would yield more accurate data. I think WU updates forecasts every 4 hours?

I don’t have a strong opinion on what forecast is used as long as it updates automatically daily.


I think this is a case of, “oops, forgot to do that.” A refresh at least every 4 hours is a great idea.

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One option for now, if you have your own web site, is to create an app. There are a number of service that let you make an app on-line and that app is nothing more than a full screen web browser. You can then create a web page on your server that just loads the web version and use that page in the app. You could then do a refresh (reload) of that web page every 4 hours. This can be done adding the following line to the of the webpage that you create.

I use this method on the app I made for my tablet. It just loads a web page that I made to display the info. Have mine setup to refresh every 15 minutes just in case.

I don’t use iOS so not sure if there is an option to “side load” an app that is not located in Apple’s app store.

Thanks for the idea, but I prefer to use iOS app as it fills the iPad screen a little better than the web app.

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Didn’t you forget to insert the code line in your post ?

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Didn’t notice that the forum stripped out the code I entered. Doesn’t appear there is any way to put code snippets into a post. You’ll just have to google meta refresh for the code.

@eric You mean like this?

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5"/>
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Not sure how I missed this the first time around, but this is a known issue that should be addressed in the next release of the mobile apps. The forecast card will refresh at least once per hour. Several other issues related to always-on displays are addressed in this build as well.