Removing the forecast card or not?

I hope to get some traction to convince weatherflow NOT to remove the forecast card from the grid view.
I didn’t noticed it myself, because I mainly use the webinterface, but on the latest android the forecast card is already removed and the plan is to remove it from IOS and web as well.
For people that don’t want this forecast card, there is already an option to not show it, but to remove that option for people that do like this card, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
(it might be true that this forecast data isn’t the same as on the forecast view, but that just implies that the card needs to change, not that it needs to be removed, not even temporarily)

Can we please keep this forecast card?



I use Android exclusively. . .and Thankfully the Forecast card is still intact (at least on all of my devices!) WF: please keep this item intact on all platforms. . .it is a great tool for a quick-look forecast. As @sunny mentioned. . .if people don’t want to use it. . .they can turn if off under Settings | Advanced | Show Forecast Card . . . then just slide the switch to the left or “off” position. . . but Please do not get rid of it.


My android version of the app is 4.5.7(145)

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. . .and. . .same for my devices as well. Will continue to monitor (Situational Awareness) for any sudden anomalies. . .which may (but hopefully not) occur.

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interesting. My android version doesn’t show the card, and the option to set your preferences for showing or not showing the forecast card is gone. Perhaps this is determined on the server, and not in the app. The web version still works fine though.

Yes I agree, it should stay. I use iOS just checked and is still working. Cannot see any valid reason to remove it. While I usually do not get involved in writing. I couldn’t just let this slip by. Would be :pensive: to see it go.


Agreed! It should stay! It is a huge disappointment to see the forecast card removed and really takes away from the tempest app. The app is already missing great features, why remove great features that already exist?


I had it enabled but honestly, I rarely looked at it and don’t miss it. I prefer to look at the MeteoSwiss (I’m in Switzerland) app for the forecast. Their mobile app is just amazing :slight_smile: As @madcamperx said, the Tempest app is missing many other basic features and if removing this forecast card helps the team to add more useful things, all good.

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If memory serves the forecast card data came from Dark Sky, which is shutting down third party access in July. The WeatherFlow forecast now has its own screen, so I highly doubt this card has any future.

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I don’t think he suggested removing this card, he really want to keep it.

indeed, but it should be an easy fix to plug in their own data. They already have the numbers.


Yes, I know, I was just emphasizing the fact that @madcamperx also thinks that the app (and website for that matter) is missing great features.

I would prefer my Tempst app to show my good historical data (and simple things like rain accumulation over weeks, months, etc) and just ignore anything in the future. I prefer to rely on a trusted source (like my national weather organization) for anything regarding forecast.

Having the card included with current conditions is convenient. However, the case that needs to be made is why it’s worth WeatherFlow’s effort to maintain a second, limited, forecast view when there’s a dedicated forecast view one tap away?

but weatherflow’s higher aim is to provided you with a better local forecast, in fact they even guarantee it :-).

I would be already more than happy if I had a correct current situation (yes, haptic rain sensor, I’m looking at you). How can you give better local forecast if you cannot measure the current weather conditions properly?

No way I ever trust Weatherflow forecast more than the one from my official weather organization.

My thought is, I got a weather system for a reason, to see accurate local weather in real time. I don’t want to have to download several different apps and have to switch between all of them to get the information I want. MY weather station should have it all, radar, forecast, fine tuned historical data. Of course radar and forecast may be pulled from 3rd party metrological data. And having a 24/7 display, why would I want I to switch between multiple apps there? Why can’t their be an option within MY weather station app to choose what I want to display? I’m not a programmer but I’m sure it would not be hard to keep the forecast card and still have the ability to turn them on/off(which was an option they already had for forecast).


my guess here is that weatherflow does kind of the same calculations as your official weather organization, or even just buys the result from them, but can predict that your place is always 4 degrees warmer with eastern winds than what the official organization tells you or something along those lines.
But I agree, accurate local measurement come first as otherwise the local prediction will be just as bad