Forecast card missing on iPhone app

I have noticed that the forecast card from within the station metrics no longer appears on my iPhone app but when i go to the web browser i do see the forecast card.

Anyone else experience this or has this been removed from the iOS app.


Yes I have experienced this too, on iPhone and iPad. I suppose it has been removed.

I’m not seeing it on either the iOS app or the web. Do I need to enable something to display the forecast?


I’m not clear on why they made the change, but it is my understanding that if you didn’t have a Tempest or the original SKY and AIR units before the forecast card was removed, you won’t have it.

Ahhh that makes sense, I had my old unit replaced recently and it seemed to disappear after I replaced my tempest with the purple branding variant.

Odd how I still see the forecast card in the web browser though

You might need to open a support ticket and ask that it be reinstated for you, then.

I sure would like to have it back. I just replaced an Air/Sky station with Tempest. This is my second Tempest with the older one being in service since 2020. I noticed very quickly that the forecast card is missing from the grid view on the new Tempest but still appears on the older one. I spent a lot of time clicking through all the settings trying to find how to turn that on before searching the forum and discovering that I can’t. Now that it is no longer there, I realize how much I used it. Obviously, it’s still there hiding in the background for older stations. An option (like the battery card) would be very welcome.

Open a support ticket and they should be able to re-enable it for you.

Yeah I did end up logging a support ticket but I just got told to request it as a feature on the forum :neutral_face:.

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