Daily min and max for some readings

I’d like to easily see the daily min and max for the readings some way on both the web site and the app.

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You can see this now in the graph view: tap the “-” button to zoom all the way out and you’ll have min, max & average of all discrete parameters (temp, humidity, etc.) and the total of all accumulation parameters (rain, lightning strikes).

A better “summary” view of data is on the roadmap for future release in the apps.

I wanted the same thing but came to realize this is probably better suited for local development. There is a lot of data to be calculated and displayed.

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I would have to disagree. Why would any company drive users to another web site or to use a 3rd party app? They have all the data, extracting that data from their database is trivial. It would take little server HP to calculate daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/ record highs and lows and generate a graph (which they already do). If nothing else, by making the web site and app attractive to users, it’s free advertising for their weather stations. You have a highly functional weather station, you want a highly functional web site and app.


Is it possible to show the min and max Temp for the past 24 hrs as well as the min and max wind for past 24 hrs?