[App] Current Rain Rate

Along with the words of how much it’s raining, Light, Heavy, Very heavy etc. and the total rain today and yesterday, can you add the current rain rate as well next to the wording?

I second this It’s really the one value I would really like to see in the app. Thanks.


I’m out of votes but current rain rate on the screen would be awesome. I would also add a peak rain rate on the highs/lows page.

It’s rather stunning that the ONLY place you can see current rain rate in units/hour is in the summary page for your (or any station) that pops up when you click a station’s icon on the Tempest map. It’s available there - why not in the app or your station’s grid page?


Type rain rate into the search function of the forum and you can read the dialog to your heart’s content. Note how long ago it started and how long it has lasted.