False Lightning readings with no changes in my Air location

I’ve read all the existing posts about this and none of them seem correlate to my experience. In the year+ I’ve had the unit it has been really very accurate with lightning data so much so I consider it very reliable. All of the sudden yesterday I was notified of 4 strikes random through the day. Today so far over 238 are recorded. They started about 5:30AM somewhat random until noon and then since every couple minutes. The catch is it’s been 85 degrees with perfectly clear skies both days and storms no where near me. Specifically most every notification has said less than 3 or 6 miles from location. Nothing about the location of my Air has changed in any way so I’m stumped. The sensor says “lightning disturber” for status and the other devices in the system say OK so not sure if that is indicating an issue with the sensor. Any one else experience this situation?

likelihood has something nearby or within your vicinity been installed , doesn’t necessarily mean within your home itself could be anything in the neighborhood ,there are many man made causes and can be challenging to root out the cause…its not unique to this product from weatherflow .

The Franklin lightning sensor in AIR detects electromagnetic pulses and approximates the strike distance. While most non-lightning emissions will be rejected, some false positives may slip through the quality control check. These could be from other electromagnetic sources including boilers, motors, microwaves, monitors, speakers and even motion detectors. Try moving the AIR to a new location - it may take a few different locations to find a good spot. You can also try rotating your AIR device so the logo and vent slits face another direction - there is some directional variance to the lightning sensor.

Hopefully things improve!