Occasional false lightning strikes notifications

I’ve been using my WeatherFlow for about a month now. On two different days I’ve had 2 (each) false lightning strike reports.

Today the weather is totally clear, the temperature is in the 30’s (F.), and there is a steady wind of about 10 mpg at my house with gusts near 20 mph. Out of town, however, the wind is about double that.

My Air is located on a post that holds up my patio roof, about 5 feet off the ground. There are no nearby machines or motors running this afternoon, the natural gas water heater (in the house) is probably about 15 feet away and the same for our gas furnace, and its far too cold for anyone in our neighborhood to be running a grill. Relative humidity is 27% and the new point is 6.1° F.

I haven’t rotated the Air because, to be honest, I don’t want to turn it to a spot where the false reports happen more than twice a month.

When I looked at the data page (or whatever it is called when I click the to the alternate view from the tiles), my Air is reporting a Lightning Strike Count of zero and the Lightning Distance of just dash marks.
But I got a Lightning notification from both Weatherflow and IFTTT.

Weatherflow SW Station ID: 14600
WU Station ID: KIDBOISE421

Anything that sparks might create a false lightning event. Moving and rotating the Air unit around is the easiest thing to do for most people. If you can’t, you’re screwed, just like me. I requested multiple times an option to strongly reduce those false lightnings, including a suggesting of how to do so, but until now this has not been implemented.

I cannot think of anything that would have been sparking yesterday afternoon. I didn’t even light a candle in our house with a piezoelectric wand.
If it was the water heater or furnace there would be far more false reports day and night.

And I still don’t understand why the strike count was zero even though there were two strike notifications.


Your graphs do show several lightning events one hour before you posted, or are you referring to different day. Having zero lightning in the graphs and still have a notification would be an error and you would need to contact support for that.

Yes, the graphs show the strikes but the List View shows a Lightning Strike Count of zero, and did so very shortly after the strike notifications.

If there were real strikes, which their weren’t according to BlitzortungLive, then shouldn’t the Strike Count also report them?

Installed my new Air unit yesterday.
But this one gave me false lightning strikes immediately.

Never had any problems at that location with the last Air units.
I disabled the lightning of the backyard Air, and turned the lightning on, on my indoor Air.

Wil turn it back on in a couple of minutes and see if it still goes on.

And remember you can try to turn it in steps of 90°. Sometimes you can find a ‘dead’ angle for what is causing the false positives

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