False Lightning Strikes Report

For the past 3-4 weeks, the AIR unit has been detecting, mostly in the morning, lots of ‘false’ lightning strikes … we had some light rain during those 3-4 weeks without lightning.

I have rotate the AIR unit in order to improve the ‘false’ detection - unfortunately, without success.

I understand that some of you will suggest that I move the AIR unit to another location - unfortunately, the current location of the AIR unit is the best one for every other parameters except the lightning strikes.

A few days ago, in the advanced settings for the AIR unit, I have moved the ‘Disable Lightning’ switch to the on position (with blue background). Unfortunately, that setting does not seem to be doing anything as the ‘false’ lightning strikes keep being displayed.

I would like to completely disable the lighting strike detection of my AIR unit as it is proving to be unreliable at best.

Could someone suggest a solution to the ‘false’ lightning strike report … other than rotating the AIR unit and/or moving the AIR unit to another location!

my suggested solution Effective false lighting filtering is being ignored or rejected
(Lots of False Positive Lightning)

@anon84912554 What is the ‘Disable Lightning’ switch under the advanced settings for the AIR unit supposed to do?

I have placed that switch to ‘On’ (blue background rather than gray background) hoping to completely disable the ‘false’ detection and the ‘false’ display of lightning strikes. Unfortunately, it appears that the ‘Disable Lightning’ switch has no effect when it is either on or off.

As explained in the previous message, the AIR unit has been installed in a perfect location (to provide the most accurate readings for the outside temperature, the humidity, the dew point and the barometric pressure as well as for the proper use the solar power accessory) and cannot be moved to any other area around my house - the AIR unit has been installed on the north-west side of the house, the only side of the house without large trees and thick foliage.

I would like to completely (and permanently) disable the reporting of lightning strikes for my ‘Tzouhalem-Maple Bay Weather’ station (station ID 5447) as the lightning detection option has never been reliable for me and my area.


On my system, when I turn that switch off it stops my phone from recurving notifications for the lightning strikes. The strikes are still recorded in the app.

indeed as @djcrupi mentioned, it just disables the notifications on your phone. The false lightning messages makes notifications pretty useless, so turn them off. It makes lightning detection way less interesting once you don’t get notifications, but I just had to. Having said that, it is still great to watch afterwards what happened to a real thunderstorm passing through. You cannot remove the lightning pane from the web interface or in the app.

Then that ‘Disable Lightning’ switch is completely useless (for people like that do not depend on their smartphone notifications)!

I had a link to my WeatherFlow web page on my main weather web pages (generated with data provided by the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station and processed by the Weather Display software) for the users that preferred using their smartphones for weather information - I have since removed that link as two of the statistics produced by the WeatherFlow station (ie: the rain data and the lightning strikes data) have been proven useless and far from the read data…