False lightning signals from tempest

So had it at low level for a few days while waiting for the pole to arrive and it gave a few random lightning detected notifications with random distances from 0-2 miles to 11 miles away.
So now it’s mounted about 35 feet up on a chimney mounted aluminium pole but we still get spurious lightning notifications.
The only source of RF I can think of could be from Biggin Hill airport Radar station which is about 1.5 miles away. Would this cause these false notifications?
TIA Pete

more likely some nearby relais. Like from an airco.

Yeah there is no Aircon or any RF source from either our house or next door.

How about solar panels on a nearby roof???

Nearest solar panels are about 200 meters away.:+1:

Hi Pete, I am about 4 miles east of Biggin Hill, and on the first day of installation had a false reading.

I’ve now switched off lightning notifications as despite it being on the roof it still gets upwards of 30 false signals a day. I presume it must be something to do with the airport that’s close by.

Nearest solar panels are about 70 meters away.

what is your 6 digit station id?