Feature request - add elevation data to device status or observation UDP data

Just to clarify, I did go dig up the old post that @GaryFunk made back in March where he requested this (and more). @WFmarketing responded and marked the feature request as solved. To me, marking it as solved without actually doing anything implies that they aren’t planning to add this. See Store variables on the Hub - #5 by dsj for all the details.

@vinceskahan, I agree with you. To date they have not provided any technical reasons why this can’t be done, hence my attempt to provide more justification why it should be re-considered.

Since the initial request in March, there are more users and more third party developers interested in this capability, but we’re still getting essentially the same response as before. And the response, at least the way it is presented, implies that no engineering evaluation to determine technical feasibility or engineering cost has been performed yet.