Is the realationship between Station Pressure and Reported Pressure reasonably constant

I’m working on a project that’s gather UDP data from my hub. Understanding that the station pressure is what the station is reporting and not adjusted for sea level. Is it reasonable to apply a constant adjustment to the station pressure to get an accurate pressure?

I’ve spent the last 10 minutes logging data and the difference between station pressure and pressure in the app is pretty darn close between readings, but it’s not exact.

I have a hunch that might be due to rounding with the formula I’m using to convert mb to in/Hg, but I figured I’d ask here. For my station, the difference is consistently between .691 and .689. Am I safe if I just always add .69 to my reading to get an accurate air pressure?

look here, Derived Metric Formulas all the numbers that go into that formula are given constants.

Good grief… That college major change from mathematics to computer science is looking a whole lot better right now. .69 it is.


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