Pressure In My App Isn't Correct


Using the Rest API I get a reading of 842.8mb which translates to 24.8907 in/HG. I have a second, inexpensive weather station that validates this is the correct reading. However, when I open up the SmartWeather app on my iPad it tells me the pressure at my house is 30.34 inHg.

On the other hand, the temperature data exactly matches between the rest api and the app so I know the app is up to date in the data it is reporting.


The data stored is the raw data. You need to convert it to sea level pressure and then convert it to your local fornat.

You need to take the value if the elevation I. meters and add the value of the height above ground level in meters then convert station pressure to sea level pressure.

I will suggest you read through the entire Developers category as you will find many answers to the questions you will have.