Pressure Display - Station vs Sea Level

Would the team please consider allowing the user to select which pressure is displayed in the main display of the smart / web based display. Currently the system displays the sea level pressure instead of the station pressure.

I honestly don’t know which one is more correct vs meaningful for the end user. Another way to ask the question is when I hear, read, the pressure from who ever. Are they referring to the station pressure or sea level pressure?!?

Regardless, having the ability to select which one is displayed should be available to the user for what ever use case comes up.

Thank You!

I think the reason we don’t have station pressure being graphed is because it’s not particularly useful for weather. Station pressure can be useful for ballistics purposes, engine tuning edit: or boiling water to cook pasta! Station pressure is influenced by the force of gravity on the air above a certain point. To make this pressure value useful for weather assessments, we convert it to a sea level pressure which standardizes the pressure value by taking elevation and temperature into account. In the eye of a hurricane, you can imagine very low mean sea level pressures, but you can get a similarly low station pressure reading at the top of a mountain.


Thanks for the meteorological answer, @WFstaff! @Phoenix, the unwritten part of Tim’s answer is that any time you see or hear a weather report with a barometric pressure value, they’re talking sea level pressure - it’s the only way to compare apples to apples.

Regarding your specific feature request, we probably won’t enable a switch just to plot station vs. sea level pressure by itself. However, we do intend to allow more customization of the cards and graphs in the app at a future time.

PS: I don’t recommend this, but if you really need to graph station pressure inside the Smart Weather app, a work-around is to set your elevation and height above ground to 0.


As a flyer I’ve always been partially to station pressure to double check the accuracy of an altimeter. For weather I see the value in knowing the value in Sea Level for comparison and why station pressure is not as relevant.


Thank you all for that insight! :+1:

Everyone needs to keep in mind that the web and phone applications are designed for the average consumer. Adding too much data will only add confusion for many users.

For the few users that want more the data is there to compute and display a vast variety of information and graphs.


otherwise the app ends up like 19


Exactly! Our design requirements for the Smart Weather app were to KEEP IT SIMPLE so that the average home user can easily and quickly understand the most important data. Then provide APIs and integrations to more advanced weather viewers / display applications for the more advanced users to play with as desired. Also remember that WeatherFlow Inc has some pretty sophisticated display assets such as DataScope, WindAlert, etc. :wink:

One of the hardest things we are challenged by every day is being diligent to keeping it simple.


tout a fait exact quand le ridicules !!!

@dsj I’ve been playing with the hight of my station it was 4 hPa too high , I take metar pressure from the nearest airport 18 km away from me. I got 2 hPa off , I wonder why the altitude can’t be negative 40 percent in the Netherlands is living below sealevel some to -7 meter…

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because it is hard to believe you can … And I know where you live pretty well behind de wall … you’re an exception worldwide except some weird lakes that dried up

let’s ask @WFmarketing to add the option in a future update to correct the issue for you folks


Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention. There does appear to be a bug in the Android and web applications that prevent the entry of negative values. We have added the issue to our queue for resolution. As a workaround you can use the iOS version of the app to set negative values for elevation.


Thanks for the latest update of the Android app altitude below sea level works now and my pressure (from the air ) is perfect now!


Well, the iOS app will let me put negative altitude to get back to station pressure, but it won’t stay put. After a few minutes the app reverts back to what it thinks is my altitude, rather than what I set. So I even tried to set the height above ground to -48 ft, but again, the app "corrects this back to +6 ft after a few minutes. The problem is that the pressure (sea Level corrected) shown by the AIR module is 0.08 inHg too high compared with MADIS validated measurements from my other and surrounding nearby stations, including the airport only 5 miles from my site.

I realize you are marketing to a different market than me - but you have some pretty sophisticated tech here, so please consider an “advanced” option for us too!


Are you saving after you change it?

I am testing on station id 4400 and it’s staying at -15 feet.


@steve.longmire Make sure to hit the SAVE button at the bottom of the station settings page after making changes.