I'm trying to understand the APP data Barometric pressure

Om trying to figure out why there are 2 Barometric Pressure readings on the APP. Whats the difference between “Station Pressure” and the pressure listed under battery voltage…


A search on the WeatherFlow help pages brings up this page: https://help.weatherflow.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005398308-Smart-Weather-Station-FAQs

Here is what is says,

How is pressure displayed?
The value displayed on the station home screen of the app is sea level pressure. Also known as relative pressure or barometric pressure, this is an adjusted value based on temperature and total height above sea level (elevation + height above ground).

Station pressure or atmospheric pressure is measured directly by the sensor. This pressure value is not of much use to people, unless for some reason you want to know what the actual pressure is at your house (maybe for brewing beer, baking bread or engine tuning?). Station pressure is displayed in the list view in the app.