Flagpole mounting for Sky

Received my Sky and finishing up on how I want to put this in the air. I am planning on using a 20 foot free standing flagpole. Looking for advise on pole as I want to put the Sky on the top of the flagpole. The catch is that this will also have a rotating American flag below it. I need to also consider lighting like a solar kit. Cant use some of the ones I looked at since the air will replace the ball. Any ideas?

I’d be seriously concerned with the flag causing false rain readings in a moderate breeze…

I have seen some cases that they seem to have been successful. I will be putting in the ground sleeve in concrete. My two choices were a free standing flagpole or a flagpole at the house that I attach to house with a strap about 12 feet off of the ground.

Also because where I live this will have to be mounted about my roof.