Installation advice?


Hi, wow loved seeing your installation photos. I am a little clueless when figuring out best way to mount (but I can follow instructions). For the air I figured out I could use a bit of 1" PVC pipe, a shelf bracket as stand off and a U pipe bracket. I was also wondering can I just mount it upside down under my eaves when my keyhole mount arrives? (my package had no key hole mount, support sending me both a keyhole mount and pipe mount for my air - neat!)

For the Sky I am a little bit at a loss and need some guidance. I am thinking I want to mount a 10ft galvanized pipe due to the weight advantage it has for stability compared to a 10ft fence railing. I would like to mount it the railings in the attached picture.

  1. does that approach make sense?
  2. how should I think about making it easy to get pole down for changing batteries?
  3. any ideas / advice on what is the best way to mount to the railing or the deck the railings surround? (or a totally different approach, not sure I am comfortable running around the roof… I have poor balance)


The Sky should be at least 10 feet above the highest peak of the house. You could use a longer pipe and attach it to the deck and at the eve.

As for the Air, give it a try and see what readings you get.

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well I could always use a 10ft and 5ft or 2 x10ft and couple them with an NPT screw plate on the deck floor and a offset brace on the eave… wonder where I would find that… (the brace not the plate)

if you mount the air upside down, beware the rain … there is a little opening for humidity readings and that is not waterproof. If the rain gets stuck in there, readings will be out of scale for sure. If it is a shelter or under a roof, I see no particular reason not to hang it down.


TV antenna mounts make good offset braces:


@vreihen thanks i think one of those would work well on the eaves in the picture or something more like what i don’t have or see is something that i could use to mount the pole to the far right hand vertical wooden board you see in the picture (imagine the pole is fixed to one of these on the deck too have you seen anything that would allow me to attached to the vertical wooden board on the right hand side?

Still not sure how i do this in a way that makes it easy to get down :slight_smile:

found this, might be useful for someone