Setting up SKY properly

Hello WeatherFlow. My SKY came in today and set it up. It works nicely. I’m not getting constant wind speeds. The speed even goes down to 0.00 Mph. Any idea what could cause this issue and how to fix it?

Also do you know of any mounts that I could buy that would work for the SKY to mount it -a flat roof?

See the first post of this thread for a flat roof mounting option:

Hello Peter. Thank you for the response.

I have changed the location where im going to mount the SKY. I’m going to mound it on the side of fake chimney. So I am going to need a vertical mount. Any ideas in this type of mount?

Lots of other backers have posted picture of their installations here. I’m sure it’ll help you get a few ideas!

Hi @gamerster120 Stoked you finally got the SKY in hand, thanks for waiting so long. On initial setup, SKY goes through automated calibration routines on the sonic sensors. It needs to receive wind from the four cardinal directions to ensure the frequency timing of the sonic waves are consistently measured and in tune. More details here: SKY / Tempest: wind sensor initial self balancing

And, once your wind sensor tunes itself…it’s certainly possible to read 0mph – when there is no breeze at all! :wink: A sonic is far more accurate in measuring instantaneous wind compared to a traditional propeller which has to deal with momentum & inertia.

As far as mounting options…you’re in really good hands with the many friendly station owners like @peter on this thread.

So I have a chimney that I want to place a mount on with a pole for the Sky to sit on.

Does anyone have any ideas of a good mount I could buy?

Search Google for “chimney antenna mount”

Thanks for the reply Gary. Would this mount work for the SLY? Sobetter Adjustable Antenna mounting Pole -Satellite dish Pole,Attic Antenna Mount - HDTV Antenna Mount - Easy Installation

Just wondering if the ‘N’ on the SKY should be on the north or south face? ie. if you had a birds eye view of it the N would be on the north point or south point (aiming north).

Any diagrams on how its setup?

Thanks heaps

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N faces to the North.

Thanks Gary! So it would be on the face closest to North correct?

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If you are looking straight at the N you will be looking South.


@simon, where is the “N” i can’t seem to find it, thanks in advance.

The “N” symbol is embossed in the plastic casing just below the wind slot. You can just about pick it out in the image below.


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I strongly suggest putting a piece of black electrical tape on the N mark before mounting, so that you can verify the orientation from the ground later…

And the embossed arrow looks pretty great if you carefully color it with a Sharpie or the like.

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The problem I have is that the sharpie fades but that doesn’t matter if you are not moving it much like I do with my mobile unit.

I put my SKY on old TV antenna mount which is mounted to the chimney. Its the north side of the house.

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I used this NOAA website to show the declination at my location:
I used a Sharpie on the North arrow. Any tips for accurately aligning the unit?