Mounting Sky directly above chimney?

Hi all,

I have a question regarding the mounting of the Sky. Is it OK to mount the Sky about 3 feet above this chimney outlet on a pole? Will the damp air output of the chimney affect data quality of the Sky?

Or should I find a better spot to place the Sky on my roof?


Sky doesn’t read humidity so that should not be a problem. What could is if the chimney ‘blows’ hard enough to alter wind around the sky … or if the air is ‘hot’ in cold periods as the warm air will go up around the sky and alter wind readings.

Except that … just see to it there is no vibration that can creep up the pole to the Sky. It is sensitive :slight_smile:

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That looks more like a PVC vent pipe. Are you sure it’s a chimney?

Those chimneys are used in te netherlands for gas warming units gas means a mixture of ethan

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I would not mount anything to that.

Something mounted to it could cause damage below the roof line and let unwanted gases into the house, which could kill people.


Ik think its a bad option too