Go wacko inventing a better name for the tempest hardware

Tempest is a more refined Sky+Air+Solar so as no one said it has to be a real word, I vote for the Skirlar :rofl:


The Super Duper Deluxe Dependable WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station. The SDDDWSWS!



. . . AND . . . A WeatherFlow-logo’d or " Tempest° ’ -logo’d T-shirt AND Ball Cap!


MEWS - Most Excellent Weather Station

suggested spokes-dudes…

geez this thread ran off the rails for sure…need a new CL algorithm or something…


Since you asked for it :slight_smile:
here you have a topic to go wild on names for the tempest

I’m all for @vinceskahan’s “Tempest Sensor Suite” suggestion. Davis uses ISS (Integrated Sensor Suite IIRC, not International Space Station), so TSS seems like an appropriate TLA (three-letter acronym) in the weather geek community…

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In other news, @Eric is going to wonder “what have I just unleashed…”


What about Tempest Integrated Timewise Sensors?

Or Tempest Integrated Sensor Suite

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not sure the shortcut will be acceptable :upside_down_face:


There was a company in Tulsa named Tom Inman Trucking Service. I loved seeing his trucks on the highway.

What’s with “weather cap” or “the (weather) sense”

Think about this from a User Perspective (UP). :laughing: Sorta like the problem that GM had selling the Nova in Spanish-speaking countries, where “no va” means “doesn’t go” and supposedly lost them a lot of sales…

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I imagine the @WFstaff Team has secretly come up with a better name for Tempest without realizing it was right in front of them.

Look at it this way:

The Smart Weather System has three devices that make up the entire weather system. SKY, AIR, and Hub. The serial number for each device has the reference of the device names within the number.
Hub = HB-000*****
AIR = AR-000*****
SKY = SK-000*****

The Tempest System has two devices that make up the entire weather system. Tempest and Hub. It follows the same pattern with the serial numbers except for Tempest.
Hub = HB-000*****
Tempest = ST-000*****

Notice the ST in the Tempest serial number. Without any doubt, WeatherFlow has a specific reason for using ST in the serial number. But, if you are looking for a name that is weather-related and falls in line with SKY & AIR and is just as simple, then look no further than STORM. Therefore, you would have a weather-related name like SKY and AIR. Plus, it already matches the serial number.
Hub = HB-000*****
Storm = ST-000*****

Storm just seems obvious to me.


I’m an STStorm_Tracker ! That makes sense too because “Tempest” has the Lightning Sensor in it. . . which we all use to Track Storms.

. . .or. . . have it referred to as its intended model number. . . .
the WF-TWS01

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Why not The Shakespeare

Stator. Its most impressive achievement is that it measures rain and wind without any moving parts.