Golang UDP listener and web app server for low-resource tablet display consoles

I finally resurrected an old, very low resource (2GB RAM, 32GB very slow SSD, horribly slow processor) 8" Windows tablet as a Weatherflow Tempest console.

It’s a single binary Golang program that runs a UDP listener and then uses the {fir} Go package to provide real-time web dashboard updates over websockets.

Code is over at hrbrmstr/gofir: Weatherflow Tempest UDP HTML Display - Codeberg.org and I’m reverse-proxying to it from the internet via Tailscale (Weatherflow Tempest Weather).

Plan to also make the code a datalogger and have another view for charts.

Will see if I can get this ported over to iPadOS and tvOS.


Wow that is really nice and thanks for the link to the sources. I’ve been meaning to fiddle with go for a long time. Any idea if it would run on a Kindle Fire ?


The Fire is just an Android box so it should work (ref: https://rafalgolarz.com/blog/2017/01/15/running_golang_on_android/) but I haven’t played with a Fire in ages.


Nice work. It’s great to be able to capture UDP messages and have a real time display.