- | + graph toggles explained

What do the " - | + " buttons on the graphs in the Smart Weather app / website really do?

Explained: as your sensor devices, AIR & SKY, collect data they send each observation to the HUB. The HUB then inspects the data using sophisticated algorithms to ensure quality. HUB then immediately publishes the data to the secure WeatherFlow servers to be archived. (Note: HUB also broadcasts the data locally via UDP and BLE for those who wish to collect and store at home.)

The WeatherFlow servers archive all data in temporal bins for future query (by the apps, website, etc). The data archive bins are as follows: 1min data points, 5min data, 30min data, 3hr data, 1day data. You will notice that each - | + tap on the graph will change the temporal resolution of the graphed data according to the data archive bins. Click the minus all the way brings you to the 1day data display. Click the plus all the way brings you to the 1min data display. The temporal toggle allows the user to inspect a broad range of data at the resolution / granularity desired.

If you wish to see the high / low / avg temperatures for each day last month, simply toggle the temp graph using the minus button all the way out to the 1day resolution. In the example below, tapping on each day will display the day’s lowest temp, highest temp, and the average noted at the top and on the graph.


The graph below shows an example of zoomed into the 1min data for May 22:


In summary, just remember that each click of the - | + will change the temporal resolution between the following data archive buckets: 1day | 3hour | 30min | 5min | 1min