Great Plains June 'Blizzard'

Most would say this isn’t ‘weather related’ while some would claim otherwise. We are now in the midst of the annual cotton deluge from all the surrounding cottonwood trees. With a light wind gust, it’s almost whiteout conditions :rofl:. When it’s just right, the ground is actually carpeted with cotton & turns white over a broad area similar to snow. It’s quite a sight if you’ve never experienced it. I’ll check the weather station for any accumulation buildup. :crazy_face:

Seattle area had its for the last few weeks. Kinda brutal if you have alergies but fun the first time you experience it and say whaaaaaaaaaaa ???

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Why not share a few pics ? Always fun !

Here’s one with a black walnut in front & a big cottonwood to the left.

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Montana received some actual snow yesterday. Montana Sees Snow Amid Summer Heat Wave Elsewhere - Videos from The Weather Channel