Weather Underground issues

Not quite related to equipment but installed SKY just a day ago and right now it’s facing its first storm. Like a baptism for SKY (and let’s not forget AIR :slight_smile:

(The Forecast link sucks tho - says low will be -27C when it’s currently +18C and stormy outside, in mid June. Not quite so fast there, Mr. Forecaster :slight_smile:

FYI, those forecasts are provided by WeatherUnderground… which is currently having internal issues, and providing unreliable information.

WF has indicated that they are exploring other forecasting options.


If you take a look it’s for days 3, 4, 5 and so on of JANUARY.
A know issue from WetherUnderground. Try to refresh.

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Hadn’t even noticed the date on the forecast until you pointed it out. … and ya I’ve also been told by WF that the forecast (which isn’t theirs) is wonky at best.

My SKY just got its first bath in a brief thunder storm. It’s now drying out in the sun. Way to go WF - my SKY didn’t even flinch and said “bring it on”.


Under advanced settings, there is an option to turn the forecast card off. Feel free to exercise the option. :wink:

Given the ongoing issues (read: months) with WU in general (read: not just WF having problems), I’m wondering out loud if the software default for that setting should be off until/unless something improves…


Thanks for the reminder. Done. No more June reminders of what January -25 felt like :).

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I highly encourage every to turn it off.