Missing data - temp and pressure and WU as well

Not sure whats happening but since july 29th i get occasional missing data, at the same time WU logs the pressure as 0 and temp as -17.8C??
Any clues anyone - has an update broken something?

If you say missing data, where ? On WF app ? Via UDP ? We need more details to be able to help eventually …

WU has already been brought up at several times as now being unreliable and most of us are just turning it off. (use the search function with wunderground and you’ll see several threads popping up)

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What is your Station ID Number?

My station is 2595,
the dropouts seem to be on the WU site, but at the same times there are no data markers present on the weatherflow app… seems to be missing there and incorrect at those times on WU. At 5:05 am today there are missing data points for example
link to wu site


Had a quick look at your station via your shared data, saw indeed one 20 min gap but that could be for all kinda reasons … internet down, wifi down, hub disconnected etc etc

regarding WU, yep … their service is getting worse and worse … and they try to keep it alive but with moment it fails, and there WF can’t do anything.

What I do see, your batteries are pretty low. Pretty sure you didn’t use the recommended ones and you better order some as the Sky will fail soon


Thanks for your reply.

The sky unit has only been going for maybe two months… I think they are lithium. Will check. Is there no low battery warning?

Thanks for looking.

I like the wU multiple graphs in one view… Will have to find this elsewhere…

Take care


yes there is, but as we know how it goes, just an advanced warning since when it starts to drop, it goes quickly. mostly faster then you can get new batteries :wink:

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Hi @atkinson.jk Thanks for reporting. We see a 20min gap where your station did not send any data to our servers. As mentioned in this thread, there are a myriad of reasons this could happen – most common is that your router or WiFi was out. Typically, your Smart Weather Stations will store and backfill data when your WiFi and/or power is down…but, we are currently working on some updates to the HUB firmware which should improve the reliability for this fail safe function. (A majority of users are running HUB fw v49…we’re now field testing v84…so lots of improvements coming soon.)

The lack of data during this 20min window would explain why WU could not report, but as to why WU would report pressure = 0 and temp = -17.8C is a failure on their side – something that WF cannot control.

Going forward, pls. let us know if / when you experience a data gap. Pls. provide as many details as you can to help with the forensic investigation. Also, as we improve the data backfill function, much of this will simply go away. Thanks for the feedback!

PS - you battery power curves suggest that non-lithium batteries were used. Normally, fresh Ultimate Lithiums will start and stay at ~3.4v like this: Tempest compared to your power curve: Tempest