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I received my Weatherflow Hub, Sky and Air about a week ago. I am a raw beginner and I have been following all the updates since I pledged to the campaign on Indegogo in Nov. 2016. I am also very new to posting on Forums. I have been reading most of the Community Forum Post’s, but unfortunately some of the topics are way beyond me and I do not understand what some of them are about - but not to worry, I am reading and trying to learn.

I am now delighted to be a proud owner of this Weatherflow Station, it seem amazing what can be done with it. Even for a novice I found the initial setting up reasonably easy and fortunately without any problems. Obviously I have been regularly checking the details of my station on my iPad, so it seems that everything is connected OK.

I think my set up and information can be checked out by Weatherflow or perhaps one of the very knowledgeable Forum Members, but a couple of items I see on my station that don’t seem quite correct.

Rain (this seems to be a never ending forum topic) - I have only been set up for a few days and I see the Rain is showing, I think, 6.2mm for 2nd Sept. and it was DRY all day without any Rain.
The Rain for 3rd Sept. is showing NO RAIN when there had been continuous fine steady rain for 4 hours

I am not too concerned at the moment with these readings as from what I have picked up on the Forum - the Station has to settle down for a while before everything should be OK.

I linked my set up to Weather Underground - I am not a bit happy with it, it is full of adverts and asking me to pay a subscription for an Ad free superior experience. I am thinking of removing this link and looking for something different. From your Forum I have noted and checked out WEATHER34 which I like or something similar.

I hope I have not gone on a bit too much for my first Post.

Graham Pickthall


Weather Underground used to give ad-free memberships to anyone contributing their station data. Did they change policy recently? It might take a few days for it to kick in. I have been a paying member since the day they started accepting money, and using the service since 1992 when it was only available by telnet. Sad to see how it has jumped the proverbial shark since IBM took over.

Anyway, welcome to the weather geek hobby…


Thanks fore your welcome Vreihen.
I will try to look into the WU paid version - how much it costs? is it a subscription or a pay for App, what it’s like? and see if there are any screen shots of this paid version.

Last time that I checked, it was $5.00/year and your web site logon code would turn off ads in the smartphone apps as well. Anyone who contributed station data received a free no-ads membership. The current rate is $10/year per their web site, so I guess that’s the IBM markup since they bought WU and weather.com. They also used to let me gift two free one-year memberships every year for being a long-term paying member.

I would try logging off/onto the web site, to see if your account now has ad-free since you sent a few days of PWS data.

Personally, I will not recommend going WU with a paid membership. They have cut the services so much that I won’t pay to renew point forward. For example, they cut off weather blogs, NOAA radio streams, and the only service worth the $5.00/year for me…emailed real-time severe weather alerts. I had to go scrambling to find an alternate alert service in the middle of hurricane season, because a storm popped up and seeing it on the news and not in my alerts inbox was the only notice that I received about them discontinuing that service…

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I did as you suggested - log off / on. Thanks, I now have an ad free WU.

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