Gusty Wind = Extreme Rain? (caused by mount vibration)

Is anyone else seeing extreme dependencies between reported rain and actual rain on Sky when wind is in the 20-40 mph range? I read there was an issue a few years back with Sky reporting extreme rain as result of vibrations, but thought that sensitivity was generally addressed . I ask because back on May 30, we had a pretty interesting storm move through with little/no rain, but really gusty wind that kicked up some minor debris (mostly fir needles). The sky is mounted on a 1" metal pole mounted on a chimney that is pretty stable. On that day Sky reported 7.25" of rain ( KORHOODR38). The Sky is located within 3 feet of a Vaisala WXT520 that registered only 0.36" rain ( KORHOODR9).

The learning system works all the time but it can’t ‘imagine’ always what is going to happen.
As you mentioned that day the wind blew needles on your sky most probably. Something it couldn’t filter on the moment

This is where RainCheck comes in to evaluate afterwards

Here you can find all the details regarding RainCheck

As you can see your graph, it did correct the rain next day to a more acceptable level, but all instantly pushed data is not corrected

Yes, my WFSKY-01 has occasionally. . .“Haptically” tapped out rain when winds are strong and there is little or no rain. My WFSKY-01 is also attached to 1 inch metal pole that is attached to the chimney. Strong wind events generally occur in eastern Nebr in the early Spring and late Fall when weather systems are “on the move.” But later tonight will be a good test for my WFSKY-01 attached to the chimney because strong [Gale to near Storm-Force] winds are expected over eastern Nebr & western Iowa as a High Wind Warning is in effect for tonight thru tomorrow morning. That kind of weather warning is hardly ever issued for this area.

My Tempest° Field Test unit is in the backyard. . .so it will also be interesting to observe what kind of wind speeds it encounters along with “wind-driven rain” — I just hope it doesn’t get damaged!
Whatever rain does occur with this storm system. . .combined with strong wind vibrations / oscillations on WFSKY-01 & Tempest. . . I know “my friend”. . .the (after-the-fact) RainCheck will take care of me!

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That is good to know. I was under the wrong impression that RainCheck was filtering data before it was uploaded to WeatherUnderground, not the day after on Weatherflow servers only. I guess WeatherUnderground would not a good place to review historical conditions on any Sky/Weatherflow based weather station. Maybe worth more broadly communicating. Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, just had this happen overnight. Our Tempest, which I have mounted on a 1" pole behind the house, seems to have thought it acquired 0.36" rain—and it’s been gale-force winds only.

The trouble with RainCheck though is we do sometimes have highly localized storms here, and it’s possible for one spot to get half an inch or more while a place less than a mile away will get nothing.

Not sure what the solution is, but I guess for now I should turn RainCheck back on. I’m hoping maybe the problem will go away once I move the Tempest up to the roof mount (where it’s supposed to replace an aging Davis Vantage Vue unit which isn’t measuring wind or rain quite right anymore…).