Vibration causing rainfall (solved)

I live right next to Death Valley, so I don’t get much rain. I received my solar addition to my station and installed it the day before yesterday. Ever since then I’ve been getting rainfall reports of .15” to .24” the last two days. Do you think this will correct itself?

Hi @turfherder . Without investigating your data (send us your station ID, and we’d be happy to), this sounds like there is vibration somewhere in your SKY mounting causing false rain reports. See if there is correlation between rain and wind ??? To resolve, make absolutely sure to eliminate any source of vibration anywhere in your mount. Let us know how it goes.

See also: SKY shows continuous rain but it's not raining (cause = pole vibration in strong winds)

Thank for the reply. Vibration is what I suspected also. I went back and made sure that my mounting pole was more secure. Since 0930 I haven’t had any erroneous rainfall report

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