Has WF considered an educator's discount?

I am a high school science teacher and I would like to get a Weather Flow weather station for our school. I was wondering if Weather Flow offers, or would consider offering a discount for educational institutions? I didn’t find anything in a quick search. I apologize if this subject has been discussed before.


Interesting story. There was a weather web data company who approached a private K-8 elementary school across the street from where I work. They helped the school obtain a rather generous grant to install a station and a webcam, along with promises of curriculum support and other educational stuff.

They installed a pretty decent station on the roof, with a wire down into the school’s library where the console was located. The roof-mounted station was not sited well for temperature, and impossible to see from the ground. In other words, not good for show-and-tell for kids.

About a year later, the station failed. The company who installed it refused to fix it without a sizable payment, that obviously was beyond the school’s budget.

Long story short, I ordered two WF stations during the initial campaign, intending to donate one of them to this school so that it could be sited on a pole in the playground area where students could see it. Before the campaign stations shipped, the teacher who was spearheading the station left for another job.

On a side note, at least the webcam is still operational:


Hudson River facing southeast, towards Bannerman’s Island (home of a WeatherFlow Professional station) and the US Military Academy at West Point on the far right shore.

Just mentioning the grant aspect, since it may be an avenue to obtain funding for your school. It may also be a way for WF to expand their professional network into uncovered areas…


Along the same lines, I have started discussions with a local University about the same thing.