High temp. shows lower than other stations I own

I have three weather stations, including this one. All three temperature sensors are in the same location, but this one is often 2-3 degrees lower than the other two on the high temperatures. Like during this heat wave, the other two are at 102 but the Tempest shows 99, which leaves me wondering how accurate it is.

My assumption is that only one of your stations is marked as public; a SKY and AIR Station, since I don’t see any others on the map at your location. If you are comparing an AIR temperature to a Tempest temperature, you are likely to see a difference, especially if the AIR is not in a shield of some sort. The Tempest has an algorithm it applies to the temperature reading to compensate for the heating of the device. This is theoretically possible since I the wind, solar radiation, and humidity is measured in the same device. At least wind and solar values are used, not sure a out humidity value. There is still some disagreement on the accuracy of such compensation, however. This could be one of the sources of discrepancy you are seeing.

If you have a large enough radiation shield, you could put both the AIR and Tempest in it as a test. It should be relatively dark inside so the Tempest’s temperature compensation should not kick in and throw off the comparison.


I am talking about the temperature sensor of the Tempest weather station. (The other sensor is on top of the garage.) The other two stations are from different manufacturers. All three temperature sensors are sitting in a shaded location on the east side of the house.

So am I. Read the middle of my paragraph above. Whether you are using an AIR or other sensor, what I said still applies.

My point was that the other two weather stations are from other manufactures, that is all. Just that the Tempest consistently records lower temps than those other two. I understand what you said.

Would love to see a picture of your three stations.

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The other two aren’t anything fancy. Just temp, humidity, and barometer.

You can have the best calibrated instrument, when set in bad conditions it will show bad results … hence why often we ask to show how you set the devices.

all three of them are in shade? Don’t you want to put the tempest in the sun? it needs sunshine to charge. It expects to be in the sun. It will warm up due to the sunshine, but compensates for this (it can do this because it also measures the sunshine)

I have an older model of Tempest. There is one device that is in the sun that collects rain, wind, and brightness/UV data, and another device that collects temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, and is supposed to be in the shade.

The three devices I have in the shade—one from Tempest and the other two from different manufacturers—are all in the shade as recommended for measuring temperature.

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I think I understand. You have a first gen “WeatherFlow Company” Air device that is in the shade measuring temperature. It doesn’t match 2 other non- WeatherFlow Company devices also in similar shade by a few degrees. I have a similar setup and have found by swapping location of devices that the temperature difference tracks the location more than an actual difference in temp measurements of each device. I’ve also put them all side by side in various conditions too with good results. Can you try to put them all within a few inches of each other and/or swap their locations and let us know if still a big difference? My 2 Air devices still track within 0.5 degree of 2 different company devices after several years of running in all kinds of weather. And the WeatherFlow Air battery life is remarkable!


So you don’t have a Tempest, you have a SKY and AIR device. See pictures below:


Tempest: which includes all of the above in one unit.

Yes it’s “Sky” and ‘Air” but technically it is the brand-name Tempest. I guess I better specify in future posts to avoid confusion.

FYI, The Sky & Air were never branded as the Tempest.
Rather, they were branded as part of the Smart Weather Station (SWS) by WeatherFlow.


my advise would be to swap places with one of your other sensors and see if it still 2-3 degrees lower. I think it is supposed to be accurate to 0.5 degree Celsius.

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All my thermometers are right next to each other, they always have been. I could try switching their order but I’m not sure it will make much difference.

Do all sensors read the same on cloudy days and at night?

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give it a try. At least it is more scientific.

he has an air/sky combo (weatherflow’s version before the tempest). The air unit has no shield.

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Not saying anyone is ignorant. Just keeping things straight for everyone.

The “Tempest” app does show data from the “Tempest” hardware as well as the “Smart Weather Station” hardware.
It’s best to be explicit when referring to the hardware, as it makes it easier to help identify issues.

Tempest hardware does not equal Tempest software.

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