Hub LED/USB port location

It isn’t possible to have the port on the other side of the LED, is it? In other words opposite of one another.

I don’t understand what you are trying to ask

I know it can’t be done. I was referring to the hub LED & the USB port underneath. If the two could be opposite one another instead of next to one another. I.E. port on front, LED on back

Oh the power connection. Why do you want the power connection on the front?

Interestingly I have always thought that was the front as it has the LED.

The front has the logo. The back has the power, LED and reset.

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Thanks Gary I’ve only ever looked at the led end

Yeah, we like things that lite up and blink. I finally moved mine inside a cabinet.

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I’m trying to find a wall-mountable case for the guts of my Hub…


I haven’t taken one apart to know the size or shape. What material are you looking for?

Something that passes RF signals, obviously! :rofl:

I have few spares of this on hand, but the Hub’s PCB is slightly too large to fit inside:

I just saw a suggested product that’s slightly larger on Amazon, and will need to measure the PCB to see if that box will work.

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I have a “weather wall” above the laundry processing machinery with a great RF outdoor view:

The Raspberry Pi is in a VESA mount case, hanging by thumbtacks into the wallboard. The Davis Envoy is likewise hanging on a thumbtack. I’d like to put the Hub above the Envoy, but the sail-inspired shape of the factory case is not conducive to wall mounting…


How about a L shaped bracket that you can mount to the wall and the Hub can sit on the bracket? That would be easy to have printed in white to match the Hub.

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small bracket to the wall, velcro to sit the hub on the bracket


Or fasten it to the wall with a three inch deck screw.

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…right through the center of the case? :wink: Seriously though, I am resolved that the only workable solution for me is to re-house the PCB into a flat case with ears to wall mount it…


Or velcro strips. One on the base and one on the wall.

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Velcro would work. I know CommandStrips has a velcro piece that I use to mount my mini-cable box to the back of my TV with… no issues.

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I just did a quick test.


This is what I used.

Command Picture & Frame Hanging Strips - 60 Pair


What about an outdoor plastic electrical box? Many have ears on them and a 2 gang box might be the right size.


If the LED faces into the room & my cable is coming from behind it has to bend around the hub. Unlike others I don’t mind seeing the power lite as the unit is not in the bedroom.