Hub reboot, more re: radio_stats reboot count too

I see my Hub rebooted this morning about an hour ago.

Last hub_status before the reboot had an uptime of 616898 seconds (about 171 hours) and the radio_stats were at 4 in the last record received before the reboot.

Is there perhaps an automatic hub reboot thing in v94 if the radios have already rebooted more than 4 times since the hub (re)started the last time ?


No reboots (yet) but I see a ‘lot’ of dropouts in the hub status messages although the air/sky status and observations appear consistently ok, though I do notice a couple of Air missed readings. I’m up to a radio_stats reboot count of 4 again, it’ll be interesting to see if the hub reboots at 5 as I was guessing a few days ago…


Wind is in battery-saving mode if that matters.


And the answer is…naaaahhhhh…
Radio stats now up to 5 radio reboots but the hub didn’t reboot, FWIW.

RSSI does’t show anything indicating distress, looks really normal.

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