Humidity Graph - Where?

Can anyone advise how to see a graph of the humidity, as on the rain graph we have rain and dew point but no humidity. Thought that would be the natural place for it.

Searched the community but cannot find.

On the web, select the drop down at the top left of any graph and select “Relative Humidity”

On the Android app, the drop down is located at the bottom right of any graph.

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@peter. Thank you for the quick reply; greatly appreciated.

I never ever saw the drop down. I must get these glasses seen to . :slight_smile:

Cheers again.

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Just tap/click on the Humidity (or any other parameter) value you want the graph of.

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I did not know that! You learn something new every day…

Great and thoughtful programing.

Thank you WeatherFlow. @dsj please pass on.

PS. My daughter now chooses the best time of the time to dry her tomatoes ( in Turkey) using this information. She already relies on the lightning reports.
Lots of practical uses appearing. :slight_smile:

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