Hurricane Florence: Test of New weatherflow Air and Sky

Hey all…posting from North Carolina (Charlotte). You all know the potential that exists with this approaching Cat 4 storm. I have 2 sets of Air and Sky. 1 in North and another in South Charlotte. Will be very interesting to see how the new stations perform over the next 5-7 days. Follow along if you like.

North Charlotte, NC
South Charlotte, NC

eric : there you go :wink:


For sure, hope you fixed them well and have some battery backup … things might go wild and if the hub stays powered, and if internet breaks, the data can be saved and backfilled once it comes back.


@TheChad - I think you want the ‘share’ links there…and best of luck with the weather, looks like a big one

(I remember Agnes many years ago back when I was in HS and living near Philly, that thing had so much rain it literally picked up a concrete bridge over a ‘creek’ and floated it downstream 50 yards and gently dropped it elsewhere.)

@WFmarketing - any chance you can get one of Chad’s stations up to the best wind measurement firmware for the sheer joy of watching the values ?

I thought I did the share link…hmm…

Thanks for the push to @WFmarketing @anon84912554 should be interesting.

If Florence stalls near the Southern Piedmont of the Carolinas we are looking a 2 feet of rain. If it doesn’t and comes inland quick we could be gusting over Hurricane force. Time will tell.

This state is hunkering down from Murphy to Manteo.


Weird when I click on links it always takes to my own station…

I see the problem. you are not sharing the public link it’s your own stations (login) link…

Are the correct ones.

Difference is the SHARE and you have STATION

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WeatherFlow has a professional network of stations installed along the coastal US specifically to measure oncoming hurricanes. These stations are $100k+, installed in key locations, professionally sited and installed, and built to survive and continue to collect data during hurricane events. Our “hurricane network” is used by the National Hurricane Center as well as all regional NWS offices impacted. During tropical storm activity, WeatherFlow opens access to a suite of professional forecast and observation tools via our DataScope product.

See,-74.35,5,8 for exclusive Florence coverage including live data from hurricane hardened stations along the Carolina coast.

As a reminder, the WeatherFlow auto-calibration / applied machine learning system has not yet been deployed for rain accumulation across the network of home Smart Weather Stations. Expect some odd accumulations totals until we deploy the full system.


Ok…Think I’ve got the links fixed???

How do we add our station to the Hurricane Florence coverage? 4812 and 4817 don’t seem to show on the current map. Thanks!

DataScope is tailored for professional meteorological organizations – not intended for general public. The Yellow and Green stations are very advanced, professionally installed and certified stations. The white stations are carefully curated and qualified public domain sources.

WeatherFlow is currently working on a vetting process to evaluate and certify home Smart Weather Stations for inclusion in similar services like The vetting will likely require additional station meta-data as well as inspection and certification from our proprietary quality control algorithms (currently in development and testing).


No problem…just wanted to add some data to the flow. All good.