Tropical Storm Gordon (real world test)

I’m on the Alabama Gulf Coast (station 1580) very near Pensacola, FL and have had a very impressive 24 hours with my WeatherFlow system!

I will preface it all by saying that I have experienced many of the same “growing pain” issues that many have had as this new tech is being fine-tuned. In addition, I was having such weird issues with my Air unit (bizarre humidity swings) that I was sent a new unit that arrived this past Saturday.

I had noticed over the past week that my Sky rain gauge seemed to be getting closer to actual manual measurements but wasn’t confident that near gale force blowing rain would be anywhere near close.

To my surprise when I emptied my 2 rain gauges near my house at 0500 this morning I had 6.20" in one and 6.25" in the other and compared to the Sky, which is about 100 feet away, I had 1.90" Rain (Today) + the 4.34" Rain (Yesterday) which totaled 6.24"!!

The wind speeds and directions seemed to coordinate very well with nearby stations through much of the storm.

By the way, if anyone pulls up the graphs from my Station you will notice many gaps in the data as I lost (satellite) internet off and on but, it seemed to fill in nicely from the hub when I was back online.

All in all I am very happy with the data from this real world test!!!

Thanks to all of the hardworking folks at WeatherFlow that has made this possible!!