Is there an API for station messages?

I know there is an API for most Tempest station data, but I can’t find one for station messages. By station messages, I mean this:${id}/messages

So, my question is, is there an easy way to access those messages? They get sent to my phone somehow… I’d like to integrate them into my custom home & weather dashboard too.

Thank you guys for any help you can give.

They are available via the Websocket interface if you register a listener…

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@vreihen Of course, but there is obviously a database somewhere of all of those messages. My question is, can the API access this database?

You’d have to say which messages you’re referring to as there are others (rain start for example)

Lightning says the last 60 minutes of strikes is available if that’s what you are asking. The TempestOne (link below) seems to say realtime lightning even requires a commercial add-on but that makes little sense if the other docs are true and you can simply use websockets to listen.

But they have so many old and new docs that seem (seem) to conflict that I’m uncertain. I don’t understand the difference between the sets of pages among Quick Start and WeatherFlow Tempest API & Developer Platform and which one(s) might be the authoritative source for a personal one-station user.

Similarly also don’t understand what you’d get as a personal one-station user for their commercial offerings (Station and Service Offerings Comparison Table | Tempest)

Their wording and offerings just confuse the heck out of me.

It’s also funny that their Tempest Home specifies no more than two sensors when as a (now recovered) field tester I had more than that online at a time years ago vs. one hub.

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Why would they store event messages (not measurements) in a database? It has zero value once it is sent, and would (in aggregate) cost money to store…


@vreihen @vinceskahan Do you have a station? Visit the link in my first post to see what I’m talking about.

These can be like:

Or even like these:

My station has 145 messages, so I have seen no evidence of a limit yet. They go all the way back to Sunday, May 19th 2024, which is when I received this device.

I’ve already seen all the APIs for accessing current data and events and stuff, but obviously, if my Tempest can access 145 messages, some of which occurred almost a month ago, there must be some type of database with an API interface to retrieve these (because how does the app and website do it)?

Thank you both for your help, though. :smiley:

Probably yes for the first part, and no (for the users) for the second part…

There is a lot of your data that you cannot receive such as your raw readings, tunings, etc.


No, I do not have “a” station. :wink: However, I do receive instantaneous status emails for several of the above events (plus a few that most people here have never seen) for all of my WF-T stations as they happen…

Subject: Tempest: Device offline - Sky Production (mast)
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2024 20:30:44 +0000
From: WeatherFlow
Reply-To: WeatherFlow
To: Redacted vreihen@redacted

Your WeatherFlow Sky device named Sky Production (mast) at station The Land of Misfit Toys (beta) stopped sending data. Check that it has power and/or try moving your Sky closer to your WeatherFlow Hub.

For additional help, check out these troubleshooting tips.

Contact Customer Support
Online help resources:
Get help from others:

They appear to be keeping about 30 days worth of logs around for troubleshooting purposes, only accessible via the web and probably to the support department folks. Feel free to screen-scrape them from the web if you really need them so badly…


@vreihen I think I’ve found out how they store the data. They use a Firebase app on Google Firebase (with a database). The API is not intended to be public, so I don’t think I’ll mess with it too much.

Thanks for your help!