It seems from time to time notification (all types) are swallowed

@discourse, @zogstrip
Maybe you can have a look to the notification system.
I considered several issues:

  • When a new thread is opened it is not always shown to the “new” category
  • when mentioned someone in a post this is not shown to the notifications of the mentioned person
  • replies to privat threads are not shown as notifications.

I observed all of those personally more then once and read about others having similar observations…
Could you give a comment ? Thanks.

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What do you mean by a topic is opened? When someone starts a new topic or when you visit (open) a topic you haven’t read yet?

What’s the “new” category? Are you talking about the new tab?

There’s only one way we don’t show the notification of a mention, that is when the other person has muted the user or topic. Otherwise it should always show the notification.

Again, it depends on the notification level of said topic.


If I open the burger menu and choose “new” or the bottom line showing the unread and new topics.

What do you mean with “other user” ? The recipient? So in that case me ? I have no muted users or topics actually.

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I suggest you change some of your notification preferences settings.

Thanks for your advice… I checked…
I think my settings are o.k.
It is a sporadic issue… hence I suggested a root at the general server side…

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If you can find a reliable way to reproduce the issue, I’ll be more than happy to fix it.

@zogstrip, There have been times when I have noticed I do not receive notifications. If I recall it happens when I am reading the topics.

Well, yeah, there’s no point in notifying you in this case. So we don’t.

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That’s my point. Even though I sometimes overlook that it’s actually a new message or reply I did actually see it. Otherwise, I have not seen this issue directly.

That being said, I will make note next time I see something strange.

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