Forum settings re new , unread posts

As master of the universe I wonder if you or anyone else can advise why when I visit the forum each day I get at top how many new and unread posts there are from my last visit but usually there are more posts than summarised. I have all categories highlighted and all tags so have I done something wrong in my settings. Appreciate any pointers.

e.g. todays posting as per attached shows 13 posts since last visit but only 5 new/unread posts.

New posts are new threads, not new replies.

Unread posts are replies to threads that you are either tracking or have posted in.

The latest screen shows all posts since your last visit.

Thanks for that; appreciated. We learn by the day.
I started this morning to ignore the new / unread and just read them all.
Only taken me a couple of years to find out. LOL

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