(new) (latest) topic count on header in forum

I could not understand why I was seeing blacked (unread) topics on the forum but was receiving the (new) & (latest) counts on the header.

When I realised I could reset the settings to include all new instead of time limited I noticed that the (new) count went to 29 but there were more that 29 in the list.

It was not until I got below 29 that the count started to reduce, replicating the actual remaining topics on the forum.

Just thought I would share this - not that its a high priority. Prefer you to focus on solar panels and auto calibration :smile:

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If you think you found a bug in the forum software you may report it at meta.discourse.org


Clearly then a supplier issue not operational management.
Thanks again

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You are most welcome.

Also, you will find discussions about the forum software in the META category.