Is there a way to mark all posts in this forum as Read?

Many Communities and Forums have a “Mark all Read” function to help see what has been read and what is new in a Category or Thread.

I cannot find it here, but I might be missing the obvious. If that’s the case, please help me out.

If there is no way currently to “Mark all Read”, then I suggest it be added.

At the top, it says New and will also show Unread when there are some unread posts (will be in position 2).

Edit: I had some unread on another forum:

Click New, then there is a Dismiss New button.

Click Unread, then there is a Dismiss button, shown roughly in position 3. Click that, then you can dismiss tracking or unread messages (forget the exact wording).

Edit: I had some unread on another forum:


Thank you. I’ll try this the next time that there is a New/Unread post.

I had noticed that topics that I officially “read” all the way to the bottom would no longer be highlighted as were the Unread topics. I’m guessing that the Dismiss button will turn off the Bold feature for all of the currently available (older) topics.

Again, thank you.