Jets from AFB Causing False Rain

I live less than a mile from Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota and we have some major aircraft takeoffs and landings here. I’m still new to the WeatherFlow community, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced false rain from an airplane. Granted, these military jets don’t sound like an A320… I really wish there were a way to delete false rain from within the app.

Yes @vreihen does.

Since rain is detected from vibrations, I guess our little heroes are pushing a bit hard on the throttle :slight_smile:
Could you help WF with this. Like observe a period of passings and note exact time when they passed. Then pass the table to support via a ticket once enough ‘readings’ so they can compare your station data with your notes as to find the matches in data with yours and maybe find some kinda filter to eliminate the fly overs … all depends if the electronic signature is specific enough …

soon WF will be able to detect if a F15, B2 or other kinda plane passes by :upside_down_face:


Click on the false-rain tag and you fill find a dozen or so posts dealing with noise and false rain. It’s caused by vibrations.

I could definitely do that. Ellsworth is also going to be the first AFB to have the new B-21s, so that could be interesting. Next time there’s a flyover, I’ll send the info into them. Excellent suggestion!

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The USAF Thunderbirds didn’t cause any false rain events on any of my Sky units last fall, and they even had a little “oopsie” sonic boom that rattled windows in our neighborhood on one pass.

From my back deck:




Interesting. I have B-1s and within the next couple years, B-21s flying overhead. Also, what looks like the Doomsday White House (a modified 747). I’ll have to try to snap a pic the next time they fly over. The wind has been favorable for me, so they’ve been taking off to the northwest.