False rain by mower

I get false rain alerts when I am cutting my grass with Murphy big zero turn mower. Anyone else seeing this?

Yep get rain alerts when using petrol mower (Mountfield) near to sky.
Also get rain alerts from passing helicopters.

I still haven’t noticed if mine does since I haven’t mowed my lawn in other 1 mo. I wouldn’t be surprised since mine seems to detect false rain better than real rain.

The AI stuff doesn’t seem to help much with false rain and just seems to worse every time it rains with real rain. Aside from light rain (one time it had been raining for hours and my Sky only started detecting rain about 15min prior to my sprinkler rain sensor being tripped at 1/4") it seems to be pretty close to nearby weather stations. The AI would only report about 50% but is down to about 25%.

rain calibration (AI) is NOT deployed, all stations are equally set for the moment. If something is causing vibrations in the mounting, it will trigger the sensor.

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Then why does my sky constantly sense more rain than what the weather flow app shows. It just rained for 4 days straight the last I remember the sky sensed .2" but the app and WU only showed .07", similar readings were observed on every single prior rain event since I’ve got my station.

What else would cause the app to not report what the sky is sensing? WU makes sense because I have it set up through the app but since that’s so far off I’m going to either pull it from the stream and send it myself or just get another weather station so my smart irrigation can do it’s job properly.

Question I can’t answer as I have no access to your raw data. Maybe something is wrong with a sensor, server side problems with your account …

also mention your station id so Wfsupport finds your station quickly

@anon84912554 : anything that can explain this situation ??

I don’t know which number they’d want for the station ID. Is it the one for the UDP data for the hub (10645) or the one for the share site (4622)?

both will help. Let’s wait for them to take office and see what happens under the hood

When you login on the web to your station, scroll to the bottom and you will see something like this: Tempest. The number at the end is the station ID. Alternatively, click the gear icon, select Stations, station name, then Status. Station ID should be the top item.

And if you put the Station ID into your Profile under “about me” (as asked in this sticky post : Request to add your weather station share link in your Profile) it would be ther for further reference and assistance.