Not registering rain

It has just started raining here, first time since installing Sky. I can hear the rain drops falling on the roof outside - for the last 5 minutes. My Davis has registered 0.8mm. / 3.4mm/hr. WF isn’t registering anything.

First time with a whole night of drizzle… But the Sky indeed doesn’t register it.

Acurite rain gauge gives 3 mm
Sky gives nothing.

Maybe after the auto calibration system.

We’ve got light rain at the moment, which is registering on the WF station. 0.4mm has been recorded by my Davis and 0.32mm on the WF.

The weird thing is, it was raining harder last night, than it is now. So, why didn’t WF record a single drop? :thinking:

Same here the first days I received the station I was surprised how sensitive it was recording a rainrate of 0.2 mm/h today drizzle for a long time but only a few drops registred total amount 0.2 mm stations in neigbourhood reporting 1 mm or more

Well let’s see what happens with the next firmware.

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Mine and other surrounding SKY units didn’t record anything. There were even some puddles. So it should have recorded some rain.

Noticed the same thing today, very light rain, but enough to make the ground wet and small puddles.

just to add to the statistics, the same thing happened here. No accumulated rain (but there were two single events of light rain, which accumulated to nothing but for sure there was noticable light rain for a longer period.

Me too.

I’m in Kent, UK. Woke up to wet ground and light drizzle which continued for most of the day. WF finally reported rain when it got a bit harder at about 16.20. Two hours later it shows 0.3mm while my Davis had reported 1.6mm. Hoping this is just part of the calibration process


Thanks for the reports. There are a few things that could be going on here:

  1. The Smart Weather app not showing accumulation even when the SKY detected a very small amount of rain. If the SKY did report rain at the time (as shown on the main app screen and as blue bars on the graph) but the total accumulation is less than 0.05 mm (or 0.005 inch), the daily accumulation value (on the main app screen and the green line on the graph) will show 0.0 mm (or 0.00 inch). We are considering ways to address this (perhaps showing “< 0.0” or using a word like “trace”).
  2. SKY under-reporting totals in very light rain events. This is a known issue with the calibration process and will be addressed soon.
  3. SKY not reporting ANY rain when it is raining very lightly. SKY should report very light rain or drizzle, but extremely light rain (aka “misting” or “fogging”) may not be detected. It’s possible you have a faulty rain sensor.
  4. SKY never reporting rain even when it is clearly raining hard. This definitely indicates a faulty rain sensor.

If you suspect a faulty rain sensor, please contact and they’ll help troubleshoot and/or replace your unit.


Same with my rain sensor. Both of my Davis sensors and my old fashioned rain gauge gave 0.03, but Sky said no rain


Will wait for another “drizzle event” and see if the sky responds to it. :ok_hand:


Thanks for the reply @dsj

It’s very difficult to know if my sensor has a fault or not. The rain this afternoon was registering mostly as light or very light, which was accurate to the conditions. In fact, rain was light enough not to register a rain rate on the Davis station. It’s last night’s rain that throws a spanner in the works. I could hear the rain falling on the plastic roof and my Davis’ registered a rain rate of 3.4mm/hr. So, it ignored last nights slightly heavier rainfall.

What is pleasing, though, is that we have you and your team continually working on firmware’s and listening to your customers. I could name quite a few weather station companies who don’t do that.

I’m still very happy to own one of these stations whilst having some teething issues. :slight_smile:



Glad to have a helpfull team and listening ear.

Will see what the SKY does in the comming rain events.
Hard to tell if mine is faulty or not. The last rain events, the SKY did register rain, and in my opinion verry accurate.


I have had my Sky unit installed for about 3 weeks and we’ve experienced rainfall from a number of thunderstorms with rainfall the Sky seems to have accurately recorded. Today we’ve been experiencing the remnants of Hurricane Florence here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina and the rainfall total is clearly far more than the 1.3" recorded by the Sky unit, likely closer to 3". We’ve experience light to moderate rainfall continuously since midnight last night, yet the Sky unit has often recorded no rainfall when rain was falling lightly during this 21-hour period. In fact, it has continuously been raining lightly since 5PM, over 4 hours ago, yet the Sky has recorded no rainfall. I think the Air/Sky is a promising weather station, but hopefully the sensor can be recalibrated in software to much more accurately measure light rainfall. Note my Sky unit is well away from structures or trees that might interfere with rainfall measurement.

17 Sept: As a reminder, we have not deployed the WF auto-calibration / continuous learning system for rain accumulation yet. Once deployed, you will notice a marked improvement in your rain accumulation values. The system is currently in final testing before rolling out to the network.


@WFmarketing the last message on the WF auto-calibration was on Sep '18, it is now the first part of Feb 2019. Has the

been deployed as yet? I noticed in the last set of rain events that my station seemed to be underreporting relative to the stations in my area. And it was not measuring the drizzle events.

See this thread: Rain seem off (auto-calibration system not yet deployed)

Short answer: no