Sky not detecting rain at all

Hi, it’s pouring pretty hard outside. My Sky is registering 0.0000 inches of rain.
The sensor and battery status is OK.
It’s a huge pain in the butt to climb up on my roof, so is there anything I can do to fix it without getting up there?

Maybe start with sharing your station number ? Also when you click on the bullet before ‘online’ on your webpage (page will flip over), all sensors show ok or does the sky section show a sensor failure ??

And if you aren’t aware how to find the station ID have a look here

@dsfg Thanks! It’s 4691.

@eric my Sky sensor is shows OK and my Air sensor shows LIGHTNING_DISTURBER

regarding the lightning disturber, not to worry about, it detects false signls and is working to filter them out (hence the warning)

I went back in your history and saw 2 rain events since june … desn’t rain much or did it hardly ever catch rain ?

From our side there isn’t much more to look at

@anon84912554 will have to look under the hood and see if the raw signals show detection and if why it didn’t accept it as rain (trigger level might be to high or other reason)

@eric yeah it doesn’t rain much here, but when it does the Sky has been able to detect it just fine.
Yesterday was the first big rain in a while though, and nothing was detected.

I am going to climb up on the roof today and take out the solar panel to restart the Sky. And give it a tap on the top to see if it triggers a rain notification.

Try tapping on the SKY first, before removing power. I’ve had one of mine do something similar and tapping on it “fixed” it. It has been working fine for the past couple of months since, other than calibration.


Thanks, I tapped it a couple of times and seems to have registered.
Guess I’ll wait until the next rain.