SKY not registering rainfall

New installation a few days ago. Everything seemed to be working until this am when it started raining for the first time. It has been raining steadily for 90 mins and my Davis weather station has recorded nearly 3mm of rain. Still no detection by the SKY unit. Anything I can try?

Gday phil, one sure way to see if the sensor is working is to tap it with your finger, it should register within 1 minute and report to the app, and you should also get a push notification and see as well on the web interface.

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Thanks. Tried that (several times in fact) but nothing. Will contact weatherflow support.

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Mate you will be looked after very well, speaking from experience. Time difference obviously should be considered but its just the start…These units have the capability to be amazing.

Had the same with my Sky, just drop support a message. I’m getting a new unit to replace mine.

Quick update. New SKY unit arrived today. Just in time for 24mm of rain. Still nothing being reported! The technical team are investigating.